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Prison Camp for Britons

BRITONS may have been prisoners in one of the first concentration camps, as well as being the inventors of the modern version.It has been accepted that the British devised the camps in South Africa during the Boer War. Now it appears that Ancient Britons … READ MORE

Fillingley Short Cross Hoard

Two English detectorists have recently released details of their amazing find of a hoard of short-cross coins numbering 127 complete or fragmentary coins.It all began late last year when Roy English and Robert Foster gained permission to search a farm, … READ MORE

Engaging trip to Rome By Brian & Mo' Cross

Being detector users of about 20 years experience apiece, it had long been an ambition of ours to visit Rome and savor the glory that once belonged to this ancient city. Mo' gave us both the opportunity when she gave me the trip …… READ MORE

Hoard of Tealby Pennies

Finder Took Up Detecting After Early Retirement By Bill Jones

Like as many others I took up metal detecting rather later in life. It all came about due to enforced early retirement. At first there were the usual jobs around the house that had needed ……READ MORE

Straighten a hammered coin

How best to straighten a bent hammered coin

INTRODUCTION A recent discussion on how best to straighten a bent hammered coin prompted me to provide a basic explanation of the relevant metallurgical processes and techniques. My background in sculpture, ….. READ MORE