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£100 Million fortune  

Leicestershire treasure hunter in expedition to unearth £100 million fortune. A treasure hunter is putting the finishing touches to an expedition to unearth a £100million-plus fortune.

Mike Munroe, from Melton, has spent more than a decade pawing over battered maps and documents to pinpoint the legendary Treasure of Lima. Now he believes he has found the "X" marking the desert island spot where the wealth of gold, silver and jewellery was hidden 190 years ago off the coast of Costa Rica.

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Coroner decides Somerset Roman coin hoard is treasure

A hoard of more than 52,500 Roman coins discovered in a Somerset field has been declared treasure.Dave Crisp, from Wiltshire, found the coins - dating from the 3rd Century AD - in April buried near Frome.

"I've been metal detecting since 1988 and it's the most exciting and important find I've made," he said. A British Museum spokesman said the 160kg find was the largest single coin haul found in one pot and was probably intended as a religious offering.

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Archaeologists unearth Neolithic henge at Stonehenge

Archaeologists have discovered a second henge at Stonehenge, described as the most exciting find there in 50 years. The circular ditch surrounding a smaller circle of deep pits about a metre (3ft) wide has been unearthed at the world-famous site in Wiltshire.

German cathedral bones 'are Saxon queen Eadgyth'

Scientists have revealed that bones found in a German cathedral are those of one of the earliest members of the English royal family.  

The remains of Queen Eadgyth, who died in 946, were excavated in Magdeburg Cathedral in 2008. The granddaughter of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, the Saxon princess married Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 929.

The findings are due to be presented at the University of Bristol later. A spokesman from the university said the bones were the oldest surviving remains of an English royal burial.

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World's largest gold coin set for auction

The largest gold coin in the world -- measuring 53 centimetres (21 inches) in diameter and weighing 100 kilograms (220 pounds) -- will go on sale on June 25 in Vienna, auction house Dorotheum said on Friday.

The Maple Leaf coin, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and carries a face value of one million Canadian dollars (800,000 euros, 970,000 dollars), was minted in Canada in 2007.

The auction price is expected to comfortably exceed the face value due to the current high price of gold. If melted down, the gold would be worth around 3.9 million dollars (3.2 million euros).

World Cup: Medieval three lions badge found in Coventry

An archaeologist who found a medieval badge featuring the England football team's three lions logo hopes it will prove a good World Cup omen.

The copper piece was found in the ground last week in a stone wall in Coventry by Caroline Rann. The badge, thought to be from a horse's harness, is believed to date from the 13th Century. A Football Association spokesman said its resemblance to the England logo was "uncanny".

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'Oldest leather shoe' discovered

The oldest example of a leather shoe has been discovered by archaeologists in a cave in Armenia.

At 5,500 years old, the well preserved cow-hide shoe pre-dates Stonehenge by 400 years and the Pyramids of Giza by 1,000 years.

It was made of a single piece of leather and was shaped to fit the wearer's foot, the researchers say. They have published details of the discovery from south-east Armenia in the journal Plos One.

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Replica mosaic is to be auctioned

A reconstruction of the largest Roman mosaic ever found in Britain is to go on sale later this year.

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Archaeologists unearth Iron Age settlement in Kent

The remains of an Iron Age settlement have been unearthed by archaeologists working along the route of a new £1.3m water pipeline in Kent.

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WWI war dead reburied in special service  

The first of 250 British and Australian soldiers whose remains were recovered from a World War I battlefield in northern France are set to be reburied.

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Museum to install ancient timber

A Norfolk museum closing to the public for four months from Saturday while the central stump of a Bronze Age oak circle known as Seahenge is installed.

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