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Banners will advertise your business on this metal detecting forum

You will see banners throughout our forum and this is how we raise funds to keep this famous metal detecting site running.

If you want to advertise your business then we have empty slots wherever you see the banner that you have just clicked on.

Banner prices start as low as £60 per annum and go up to £150 pa for those in the most prominent position such as on the Index (Main) page or on a Search results page.

You can have up to 3 rolling banners in the one position and they will randomly be shown each time your page is accessed by a member. We also ask that you change your banners every year to keep your banners looking fresh and new. Not a bad service starting from as low as £5 per week.

If you’d like to offer UK DETECTOR NET members say a 10% discount then we ask that you display that code on your banner for more convenience.

If you’d like any more details or have questions then simply email enquiry@ukdetectornet.co.uk